Caroline Girvan’s FUEL Series Program

I am SO excited! When Caroline Girvan mentioned last week that she has a new series out, I was stoked!!! Monday (May 30th!) is the very first day of Caroline Girvan’s FUEL Series Program and I am here for it! Are you? Will you be doing it with me???? It is time to get my butt, hips, and thighs as well as the rest of my body in shape!!!!

This is another 6-week program. I just finished the Iron series a couple of weeks ago and I was wondering what I would be doing next. Now I know! I am so excited! Don’t forget to print out the FUEL Series workout calendar and brief! The links to these are below!

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Caroline Girvan's FUEL Series Program

Caroline Girvan’s FUEL Series Is Here!!!

The FUEL Series is a 6-week series consisting of 5 x 30-minute

workouts per week.


Building of muscle.

Increasing strength.

Improving stability.

Increasing muscular & cardiovascular endurance.

Overall performance improvements and increased level of fitness.


Weights and bodyweight.

Multi-directional movements.

Moderate intensity.

Short work periods, longer rest.

Longer work periods, shorter rest.

Higher intensity… and of course sweat & smiles!

Here is a quick note from Caroline herself, explaining this program, below!

Hello everyone and Happy Friday!!
Ready to join me for the next 6 weeks as we work through 30 workouts all programmed to target the major muscle groups using weights and bodyweight, with cardio and higher intensity interval training in the midst?
I have provided a few links below. You can download the free PDF containing a Series Brief and some important points relating to the FUEL Series, you will likely want to read over this before we begin!
There are also two High-Resolution Printable Calendar options to give you an idea of what’s to come. (Full Colour / Black & White versions).
Caroline Girvan’s FUEL Series program is free and will begin this Monday on my YouTube channel, at 5 am (BST):
And we are kicking it off with LEG DAY!
Let’s do this!

Caroline Girvan's FUEL Series Program

Helpful Links to Her Workout Calendar, Brief, Facebook Group, And Social Media:

Series Brief:
Full Colour Printable Calendar:
Black & White Printable Calendar:

Facebook Group



Just like with the Iron Series, I will be posting her workouts each day as they come out! I am excited to start a new series with you all! Don’t forget to take your ‘before‘ pictures so you can see how you have changed after the 6 weeks!

Here are some things you might need for this workout:


Resistance Band

Yoga Mat

WEEK ONE AGENDA! (From Caroline herself!)

Here we go!

6 weeks, 30 workouts, 30-minute sessions, and countless moments of accomplishment and pride ahead!

I have my calendar ready to go like so many of you!

Here is a brief overview of what is on the agenda for week 1…and we’re starting with leg day!



Giant sets + leg day = an awesome way to begin this series!

Giant sets consist of 4 variations of a movement pattern; however, these will be formatted to ‘flow’ to increase tension and demand on the muscle groups throughout the sets!

X2 dumbbells, X1 dumbbell, bodyweight only, unilateral, and some sprawls in here too!

I love these types of workouts……’ on paper’ the 4th movement/variation is the least challenging however when it is applied, this is rarely the case!

Weighted drop sets, mechanical drop sets, and some full-body cardio movements in here too to get the heart pumping!

I will likely be using 2 pairs of dumbbells as I often do with leg day depending on the exercises.



Cluster sets will be within this upper body workout along with longer duration sets to apply demand on the major muscles within the upper body, of course, the back, chest & shoulders.

Push and pull movements along with a small number of full-body movements (bodyweight only) at a point to elevate the heart rate that bit more!

With cluster sets, you will notice the first set will create an initial consideration of increasing the weight however the second set will confirm this always isn’t needed!

There will be a dynamic finisher movement along with a more targeted movement to zone in on a specific area!



Consists of those compound movements but playing with tempo, explosive movements, weighted drop sets, and unilateral work!

I will be using x 1 heavier weight for sumo squats & hip thrusts and a lighter pair for everything else!

A finisher involving bridges is planned!



Upper body-specific supersets are followed by lower body supersets meaning we have longer rest between upper and lower.

If you have completed previous programs/series, you will likely have noticed this format, particularly during full-body sessions. The technical term is Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) training. Always great to incorporate into full-body workouts to increase overall volume.

A heavier pair and a lighter pair of dumbbells will be used.

Bulgarian lunges will be within this workout, however, as always you can keep both feet on the floor and perform regular lunges!

Friday full-body workouts will ‘usually’ involve a slower pace throughout compared to Sunday’s workout!



Sundays will typically be a higher intensity session in relation to the demand on the cardiovascular system. However, this will not necessarily mean the ‘HIIT’ workout format.

Giant sets are on the agenda here with a lighter pair of dumbbells to ensure heart rate up throughout this session whilst zoning in on muscle groups for a full-body sweat session!

Step-ups will be in this workout however you can absolutely perform static lunges, and forward step lunges!

I am excited to incorporate formats that we might have to keep primarily for HIIT workouts into the more muscle group-specific workouts as we progress through this series! Please note there will be lower impact alternatives provided throughout!

Remember, these are my real workouts! The distance I have my feet apart during lunges, whether I hold my dumbbells high racked by shoulders or down by sides during lunges and the range of movement during dips are examples of how we may differ! We are all so different and so we will all likely perform them slightly differently!

Ensure you position yourself to perform in a way that allows you to focus on the movement itself, preventing strain and other muscles from taking over!

For anyone who hasn’t read this, or who would like more information relating to the format and reasoning behind the FUEL Series and the printable calendar, simply click the link below! This is free and you might find it highly satisfying ticking off the days!

Think hip thrusts with glute bridge jumps! Sumo deadlifts with sumo squat jumps! Burpees with rows!

Bring it on!

It’s going to be a fun 6 weeks!

Let’s have a lot of fun!

And remember that we are fortunate to be able to move our bodies in this way.

Our bodies and minds are capable of so much.


DAY 1!!!

This leg day was HARD! Holy sweat dripping in places I did not know sweat could even drip! Yikes! This was so very hard but so very rewarding! If you think you can’t do it, you CAN!! And? It is ONLY 30 minutes! I had to keep reminding myself that!!!

Day 2!

I LOVED this one! It was soo sooo sooo hard but man I loved it!

Day 3!

This was my favorite from this series so far! Only because it was more like her Iron Series! It has a lot of hip thrusts which I absolutely LOVE. It was still super hard and I sweated like a pig, but it was GOOD!

Day 4!

This was fun! It was super hard but it was REALLY good! I was sweating SO much! I really thought it was fun though!

Day 5!

I just finished this one! I had to improvise on a few of these workouts only because today I was tired!  But, I got it done and I feel great about that!

WEEK TWO AGENDA (From Caroline!)

Here is a brief overview of what is planned for the week ahead!



Compound movements at the beginning of the circuit all with a slow pace with a focus on depth and control at the bottom of the movement to promote muscle building. After this, we move to bodyweight exercises to heighten the lactic acid build-up to improve the overall ability to ‘tolerate’ prolonged exertion which has to carry over to hypertrophy muscular endurance. Plus, more dynamic full-body movements will increase the heart rate and still work the quads!



SHORTER duration complexes are on the agenda! Only 2 exercises per complex so simple complexes!

I would suggest lighter weights as it is complex, so I’ll likely use 2 x 10kg (approx.) and 2 x 4kg or 6kg.

Complexes are definitely one of my favorite formats and very excited to smash this one!



The Fuel Series is a combination of various tempos, formats, etc however we are still incorporating the key compound movements at its heart. This workout is no different!

The entire back, glutes, hamstrings, and core are all involved in this workout so that slower pace is important to permit those higher-end weight reps.



On another circuit day, however, the format will involve variations within some of the rounds of circuits.

Alternating between the upper and lower body to allow for more rest periods on a muscle group.

A faster-paced bodyweight finisher will be the last set of the day!



Pre-exhausting will be a characteristic…primarily hitting fast-twitch fibers that fatigue quickly than into more traditional resistance-based movements towards a group of muscles or full body. I think you will love the structure of this! I have a feeling it’s going to be very sweaty indeed!

Plenty of slow and faster reps, isolation, and full-body movements, weighted and bodyweight to come this week!

I will hopefully see you tomorrow for a quad-specific session to kick off week 2!


Week Two Calender

Day 6!

Day 7!

Day 8!

Day 9!

Day 10!

WEEK THREE AGENDA (From Caroline!)

These workouts you see are my real workouts which no doubt you know by the look on my face at points! 😅 And hopefully, I do stress the importance of making these your own workouts.

Week 3 and I hope you have a great week making each session YOUR session and smashing each one! Here we go!


It’s shorter sets combined with longer sets! Each set will feel progressively more challenging although shorter set! Calf work will be in here too!


Lots of variety with compounds at the start, isolation towards the end using supersets! Sure to be an intense wee one!


Short duration complexes with 2 exercises per complex! I will be using x1 larger dumbbell at points!


I will be using a box for step-ups along with tempo variations to ensure this is an incredibly rewarding session!


Exactly as it says! It’s going to be fun!!! Low-impact alternatives will be provided when needed!

Can’t wait!


Week Three Calendar

Day 11!

Day 12!

Day 13!

Day 14!

Day 15!

WEEK FOUR AGENDA (From Caroline!)

Here is a brief overview of what is planned for this week!



The staple is going to be something that will involve those quads but bodyweight-only… never underestimate the power of those bodyweight exercises!

Heart rate will spike during parts of this workout, alongside slow and intentional lifts aiming to hit the quads!



A selection of weights will be ideal due to aiming to cover those larger muscle groups plus those more targeted and isolation exercises.

There will be some bodyweight-only in here, too…to give relief from grip but also challenge you!



This will be one big circuit! Likely to be performed for 2 or 3 rounds before a finisher recruits those glutes and hamstrings to finish feeling relieved but accomplished having engaged those muscles!

Typically within Fuel, the sessions targeting the glutes and hamstrings will ‘usually’ involve those slower-paced compound movements due to the structure of those glute and hamstring-specific exercises…plus we still want to use those heavier weights!



Short-duration complexes have been during every session involving complexes within the Fuel Series!

I intend to structure this to use a heavier pair of dumbbells and a slightly lighter pair.

Compound or whole-body movements combined with bodyweight exercises make us sweat!



Quick! Fast! Rotational work, anti-rotational, unilateral, abs specific, more traditional HIIT exercises, and much core involved! Plus, I plan to incorporate some ‘longer’ duration work here too!

This session will be serious sweat…we know how to bring it! 😅


There will be low-impact alternatives where any jumping occurs!

So yes, much variety throughout the week!

You will appreciate the tempo changes you naturally gravitate towards during specific exercises and how they are positioned within the session!

Week 4, let’s begin!


Week four Calendar

Day 16!

Day 17!

I LOVED this one so dang much! I HATE the burpees and the jumpy ones though, so I modified those of course! BUT, I did it and today I am definitely feeling my muscles!!!! LOVE.

Day 18!

Day 19!

Day 20!

Week Five Agenda (From Caroline!)

And here’s a brief overview of the fun coming this week!



One big circuit… x 2 rounds!

Moving across different planes, plyometrics, and tempo all combined for what will be an intense leg session hitting the entire lower body!

There will be a few movements that really challenge your determination!

Minimal equipment, so just dumbbells!



There will be a staple that will be a simple ‘flow’ format to break up the sets that I have wanted to incorporate.

Longer duration sets combined with complimentary shorter sets to make up those cluster sets… this workout will be full of variety yet will require A LOT from the entire upper body!

A perfect workout to keep your selection of weights nearby!



This workout will have a dynamic staple that will work well along with the more controlled, traditional movements to hit the glutes and hamstrings!

The finisher will likely involve using our band, which I am looking forward to!



The session is what I am most looking forward to this week… I want this to involve movements requiring the core to provide stability, strength, anti-rotation, and alignment throughout, combined with traditional resistance lifts for a full-body workout that will be more challenging than it might appear!

For your reference, I will likely use a heavier and lighter pair of dumbbells!



Short periods of work involving a pace as fast as you can with control! More extended periods using dumbbells naturally involve a slower pace and even more control!

Highs and lows of heart rate throughout!

I will likely use 2 x 4kg or 2 x 6kg dumbbells!

I hope you have incredible sessions ahead of you this week and celebrate each new win!

Week 5, bring it on! 👊🏼🤩


Week Five Calendar

Day 21!

Day 22!

Day 23!

Day 24!

Day 25!

WEEK SIX AGENDA (From Caroline!)

Below is a brief overview of what to expect for this final week of FUEL!



We have a combination of shorter complexes lasting only 120 seconds each, with a staple throughout! The staple will involve bodyweight only and an opportunity to not only drop those dumbbells but also elevate the heart rate for a short staple!

We will be using both dumbbells and bodyweight during many of the complexes!

This will be a very empowering session to start the final week of FUEL!



Control the eccentric! Power through the concentric whilst still controlling!

Again here, like day 26, the staple will involve bodyweight only and an opportunity to not only drop those dumbbells but also elevate the heart rate for short-staple!



A slightly longer set followed by a complimentary round of cluster sets being either 20 or 30 seconds in duration!

There is a staple again I am wanting to incorporate that is bodyweight only but this staple will be definitely a fun one!



No repeat full-body workout that will have your heart rate rising throughout plus some time on the mat for abs specific!

I am likely to use 1 pair of dumbbells and that is ‘usually’ 10KG X 2 or near that weight if it is full body and is aiming for more conditioning overall.



Another no-repeat…but as will all of the ‘no repeat’ workouts I do, they reformulated in a way to maximize tension and effort required!

Again, some abs in here too so we will look forward to that!

Approximately 2 x 6kg dumbbells I am likely to use!

Week Six Calendar

Day 26!

Day 27!

Day 28!

Day 29!

Day 30!

This was a really good series! I can’t wait to see what Caroline comes up with next!!!

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5 thoughts on “Caroline Girvan’s FUEL Series Program

    1. The difference to me is that Fuel is more cardio and faster pace with lots of little workouts before you can rest. So, your heart rate is up the whole time! With Iron, I feel like it was more weightlifting related and you could take your time with each round. They are both great though!

  1. By far one of the greatest programs I have done! I love making it my own and can switch up the variations ( bad back ) very challenging yet the pace and variety of exercises keep it quick and not boring! Love it to use for fill in days that are different from my lifting routine to switch things up! Thank you Girvanator!!

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