Best Muscle Recovery Methods For After A Brutal Workout

This post is all about the Best Muscle Recovery Methods For After A Brutal Workout. In order to get the most out of your workouts, you need to use the best recovery methods. You can have the best training program in the world, but not make any progress. All of this is determined by how fast, properly, and efficiently you recover from your training sessions. The soreness you feel after a hard workout is caused by the build-up of lactic acid.

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Best Muscle Recovery Methods For After A Brutal Workout

Best Muscle Recovery Methods For After A Brutal Workout

If you want to be less sore, and go to your next training at one hundred percent, then you need to remove that lactic acid. This can be done through several simple methods. They should be done daily, or as often as possible to ensure the best effect. Below, you will find some helpful tips to alleviate those sore muscles with these Best Muscle Recovery Methods!

TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator

This is my go-to when I have sore muscles after a hard, brutal workout. I go straight to my TENS Unit and use it where I am most sore. You can increase the intensity on the TENS Unit until you feel the most soothing and relaxing massage action. It will feel like hands inside your muscles massaging those tense and painful/tender areas. It feels so good too!

Get A Massage

This is another option! If you are in an area where you can easily go out and get a full body massage, then I highly recommend getting one after an intense workout. A professional knows what they are doing and can help to alleviate muscle tenderness and discomfort for you. Getting a body massage is so nice and relaxing! Great for your body, mind, and soul.

Best Muscle Recovery Methods For After A Brutal Workout

Epsom Salt Bath

I absolutely love taking a nice HOT bath after a good workout. I do this before I start to feel any soreness in my muscles. I love adding Epsom salts to my bath because it is SO good for your body and muscles! Epsom salt baths are awesome because they contain magnesium which is so good for sore muscles, aches, and pains. I use Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt because it has always worked so well for me.

Body Rubs And Balms

There are some really great body balms and rubs for sore muscles that work really well. This is great for on the go when you don’t have a lot of time to tend to those sore areas on your body. I like using this one because it seems to help quickly, it is natural and it has magnesium in it.

Ice Bath

An ice bath is one of the most effective methods for recovery, but also the hardest to do. Nobody wants to get into a tub of ice water, let alone sit in it. But it is something that can be done to help alleviate sore muscles.

Fill up a tub so that it will cover your entire legs when you sit in it. Now you have some options as to how cold you want to go. The colder the water is, the more effective it will be, and the shorter you’ll have to sit in it.

But the downside to that is that it will be harder to get in and remain in. The warmer the water is, the longer you have to sit in it, and it will not be as effective. But it will be much easier to get and stay it. The choice is yours.

If you want to go very cold, then turn the water all the way to cold, and once it’s filled. Dump in a 10-pound bag of ice. If you can’t get a 10-pound bag of ice, just make a lot of ice cubes beforehand, daily.

Then psyche yourself up and stay in for AT MOST 5 minutes. At this temperature, you can cause damage to blood vessels and hyperthermia can set in. Make sure you have a watch and let someone know you are doing this just for safety.

If you want to go warmer, then turn on the cold water, and turn on the hot water until the water is at your liking. Don’t add too much hot water though, or else the bath will not be effective.

Since the water is considerably warmer, you will have to stay in considerably longer. Stay in for a minimum of 10 minutes, and a maximum of 20 minutes. Use a timer, and again, tell someone where you are just in case.

After you are done, you can either simply dry off, and continue with your life. Or you can take a hot shower. Doing this will get the blood flowing rapidly, and pull the lactic acid out quicker. Meaning you’re less sore for the next day.

Contrast Therapy

Contrast therapy is similar to an ice bath but different in several ways. First of all, instead of taking an ice bath, you are taking a shower. Secondly, you are alternating between hot and cold water.

Get into the shower. You can do a few minutes of warm, but then switch to cold for a minute. After a minute, switch to hot water for 2 minutes. Do this 4 or 5 times.

Make sure during the cold shower you evenly apply cold to all areas where you are sore. The main areas you worked on during your workout.

Ball/Foam Rolling

Using a ball or foam roller is almost never done, but really should be done, especially after working out hard and having sore muscles. Pro athletes use a foam roller or ball often. But, even if you’re not a pro, you should still do it. It is one of the easiest ways to help relieve muscle discomfort. Using a foam roller breaks down muscle tissue and helps remove lactic acid. Your body then grows new muscle fibers faster because it helps to heal your sore and tired muscles quicker.

I love using the Roll Recovery R8 Massager because this roller helps my muscles recover so much faster. This little device is absolutely amazing and works wonders on sore, tender muscles.

Best Muscle Recovery Methods For After A Brutal Workout

You can also use things such as golf balls and Indian rubber balls to achieve similar effects. Place a golf ball on the floor and roll your foot over it. This will help loosen up tight spots. You can also use an Indian rubber ball and roll it on your calves, tibia, and glutes (or anywhere you need to loosen up some tight spots).


Flexibility is crucial to every sport, but stretching is also great for aiding in recovery. Just like foam and ball rolling, it breaks down the muscles, and then your body rebuilds them quicker. You should focus on stretching every main muscle group, specific to your sport, daily. This will ensure you stay flexible, and performing at your best.

A few notes on stretching:

*Save stretching until the end of the day, after your shower.
*Never stretch BEFORE your workout, because stretching breaks the muscles down. A stretched muscle is a weak muscle. *Do a dynamic warm-up instead
*Break the stretching down into 3-4 sets of 10-15 seconds, it’s much easier.

Best Muscle Recovery Methods For After A Brutal Workout

Consult A Doctor

If you are in a lot of pain or can’t seem to alleviate your pain, you should always consult a doctor. Maybe the pain you are having is not from your sore muscles but maybe something more. You could have possibly injured yourself. So be sure to talk to your doctor if that is the case! Better to be safe than sorry.

Follow these tips and suggestions, and getting through your next workout will be 100% like it should be. You will feel MUCH better! Your muscles and body will thank you!

Do you have anything you want to add to this blog post about Best Muscle Recovery Methods For After A Brutal Workout? If you do, please leave me a comment below! Thank you!

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