17 Top Best Shein Swimsuits For The Beach In 2024

This post is all about my most favorite and TOP best Shein swimsuits for 2024! If you are planning a trip to the beach, attending a pool party, going on a girls trip, or somewhere tropical this year then I need you to read this post! Why? Because in it, you will discover the absolute CUTEST top best shein swimsuits for the beach and anywhere that is HOT.

You absolutely do NOT need to be in great shape or have a ‘summer body‘ to wear a swimsuit. The way you are is PERFECT. Wear the damn suit sis! Don’t wait for next summer, wear the suit THIS summer!

*This post includes my affiliate links

17 Top Best Shein Swimsuits For The Beach In 2023

Shopping on Shein has ALWAYS been an addiction of mine and my daughter’s we just love this online retailer! You can’t go wrong with their very affordable prices and pretty much all of their clothes and swimsuits that we have bought from them have been exceptional and of great quality.

Sure, there are a few things we had to send back, but for the most part, we love everything we have received from Shein. All in all Shein’s website has received quite a few great reviews from us!

Shein has a bathing suit for every body type. The swimsuits and bikinis come in so many different colors and the shein swimwear has a selection

I haven’t found anywhere else (well maybe except Amazon!). They are ALWAYS coming out with new styles of swimsuits! From a two-piece bikini and tankini and two-piece swimsuit to a one-piece swimsuit, and bikini tops and bikini bottoms, shein has so many great options! I can spend a lot of time on their site just browsing their swimsuits.

So, the good news is, I decided to write up a blog post about the swimsuits we DID purchase and LOVE from Shein and several others that we are planning to buy, and will update this post when they come in!

However, since my daughter is only 15, I will not be posting her wearing the bikinis that we bought, for obvious reasons. But I will let you know which ones we DID buy! Check out our favorite suits, below! Yay!

17 Top Best Shein Swimsuits For The Beach In 2024

Since buying some of these best Shein swimsuits, some of them have gone out of stock. So, I will share similar swimsuits with you to check out!

Here we go in no particular order:

1. Neon Green One Shoulder Bikini Swimsuit (We Bought This One)

Neon Green One-Shoulder Bikini Swimsuit: This is a comfortable two-piece bikini. It has hipster bottoms with a v cut to them. The top is a one-shoulder bikini top.

It has removable padding on the bikini top and has no wire. My daughter loves the way the bikini top fits her. It has good coverage and is great for women with a small chest. My daughter really likes this bikini because it covers her chest area well. She isn’t into showing stuff off, thank goodness!

It has a lot of stretch to it which is nice because then it fits better. This suit comes in hot pink, neon green, and royal blue. Oh, and if you have a guy friend in your life, there are matching Speedos for him! Haha! Grab them speedos HERE!

It retails for ONLY $8.25! SOOO crazy that a swimsuit THIS cute can be so inexpensive!

11 Top Best Shein Swimsuits For The Beach In 2023

2. Polka Dot One Shoulder Bikini Swimsuit (We Bought This One)

Polka Dot One Shoulder Bikini Swimsuit: A little bit of polka dots are SO fun! This is a baby blue and white polka dot cute swimsuit bikini. The top size has one shoulder strap and removable padding for the ‘girls‘.

The bottom bikini’s style is hipster, so it is a full-coverage bottom, and really cute. It is a high stretch which is always nice. This swimsuit looks so darling on my daughter! It has great coverage and covers you in all the right places but still looks dang cute too!


11 Top Best Shein Swimsuits For The Beach In 2023

This cute swimsuit is sold out of course, so here are two other similar ones for you to check out. You can choose the best choice for your body:

Plain One Shoulder Bikini Swimsuit: comes in 13 different colors. Retails for $6.00!

Floral Smocked Bikini Swimsuit: Retails for $6.75

3. Plain Rib Bikini Swimsuit (We Bought This One)

Plain Rib Bikini Swimsuit: This is a super plain but really cute pink swimsuit with spaghetti straps and removable padding on the top. It is stretchy and the bottom type is a high cut on the sides bikini.

My daughter loves this bikini because it fits her really well and is super comfortable. She likes the removable pads and the way the bottoms are high-cut on her thighs.

11 Top Best Shein Swimsuits For The Beach In 2023

This suit is now sold out, sigh, so here are two other similar bikinis for you to check out:

Plain Triangle Bikini Swimsuit: Retails for $8.25

Rib High Waisted Bikini Swimsuit: Retails for $8.75

4. Leopard Bikini Swimsuit (We Bought This One)

Leopard Bikini Swimsuit is so fun! I love leopard prints! This was one of my daughters and my favorite bikinis from shein so far only because it is just so cute! It is pink and gold and has removable padding and spaghetti straps. The bottoms are hipsters and the material is stretchy.

11 Top Best Shein Swimsuits For The Beach In 2023

This one is sold out too, but I found some REALLY cute alternatives below!

Leopard Ombre Bandeau Bikini Swimsuit: It retails for only $5 (it is strapless)

Leopard Triangle Tie Side Bikini Swimsuit: It has tie sides and the top is a triangle top with spaghetti straps. Retails for $7.17

Leopard Ring Linked Bikini Swimsuit: It comes in hot pink, blue, a bluish multicolor (super cute!), and a red multicolor! Retails for $6.75.

5. Leopard Mesh Trim Bikini Swimsuit–I WANT This One!

Leopard Mesh Trim Bikini Swimsuit is so cute! I LOVE this one and NEED it ASAP. It is on my wishlist on Shein! It comes in 5 different colors but I love the black one the best!

However, they are all adorable! This is a leopard print contrast mesh with hipster bottoms and removable padding on the top with spaghetti straps. This might be ideal for the larger chest women. It also has high stretch. It retails for $11.49!

11 Top Best Shein Swimsuits For The Beach In 2023

6. Zebra Stripe High Cut Bikini Swimsuit–I WANT This One!

This Zebra Stripe High Cut Bikini Swimsuit is soo sooo sooo CUTE. It comes in four different colors: multicolor, dark green, hot pink, and green. My favorite is the multicolored one!

The bottoms are high cut and the top has removable padding and spaghetti straps. This retails for $9.99.

7. Rib Ring Linked Bikini Swimsuit–I WANT This One!

Rib Ring Linked Bikini Swimsuit. This comes in 9 different colors but my favorite is the mint blue color because it is one of my favorite colors! It would really make your tan skin tone pop!

The bra top is a triangle with a v neck plunging neckline and has adjustable straps and the wide straps are connected with gold rings which add such cute details!

The bottom type is plain high waisted bottoms, bikini style so you have moderate coverage with this suit. This bikini retails for $11.49.

8. Random Allover Print Ring Linked Cheeky Bikini Swimsuit 

This Random Allover Print Ring Linked Cheeky Bikini Swimsuit is adorable. It comes in 4 different colors/styles. I am loving the blue color! It is multicolored with an all-over fun print.

It has gold rings holding the straps together and the straps are spaghetti straps and a high-cut leg. It retails for $11.49.

9. Bikinx Whip Stitch Tie Back Bikini Swimsuit–My Daughter Wants This One!

This Bikinx Whip Stitch Tie-Back Bikini Swimsuit has some fun details! It comes in 6 different colors. The color combination I like the best is black!

This has a tie-back halter top bikini which is great for a nice tan line, with a triangle top and spaghetti straps. The bikini bottoms are high cut and super sexy. The product reviews on this swimsuit are REALLY good! It retails for $10.49.

11 Top Best Shein Swimsuits For The Beach In 2023

10. Ditsy Floral Smocked Bikini Swimsuit–My Daughter Wants This One!

This Ditsy Floral Smocked Bikini Swimsuit is so floral-y and adorable! It reminds me of the country! Perfect for a day on the beach or favorite pool parties! This is a boho-style multicolored bikini that also comes in black.

The top has an underwire and adjustable spaghetti straps. It also has removable pads. The bottoms are tie sides and super cute.

This bikini shows off your tummy and belly button! This bikini would look SO cute with denim shorts! This retails for $12.49.


11. Zebra Striped Underwire Bikini Swimsuit 

As I said above, there is just something about zebra stripes on bikinis and swimsuits! So fun! This Zebra Striped Underwire Bikini Swimsuit is absolutely adorable! It comes in three different colors but my favorite is baby pink!

The bikini top has spaghetti straps (that are also adjustable) has removable padding. The bottoms are high cut and make your legs look longer because of the high cut on them. This Shein bikini retails for $10.99.

12. Tie Dye Frill Trim Bikini Swimsuit

I love the pretty colors in this swimsuit! And it is so girly and fun! This is a multicolored tie-dye bikini. The top wraps around which is really cute! The bottoms are hipsters. This retails for $9.49!

13. Drawstring Side High Waisted Tankini Swimsuit

Sometimes you just need a black tankini to throw on, and this swimsuit does the trick! It is girly and sexy and so cute! It has tied sides, which is really fashionable and fun! LOVE this suit! It retails for $12.99.

14. Leopard Drawstring Side One Shoulder Bikini Swimsuit

This tankini is so dang cute! I love the leopard-printed bottoms and the solid black top! You could even mix and match the top and bottoms with other tankinis you have! So many options! Retails for $10.39!

15. Leopard Print Drawstring Side Shorts Bikini Swimsuit

This swimsuit is ADORABLE! It has great coverage for those problem areas and is still just as stylish and fun as all the other swimsuits on this page! Plus, it is NEW at Shein (so most women won’t have it already!) Retails for only $9.50.

16. Plain Bandeau Bikini Swimsuit

If you want to look TAN this summer, then this bikini from Shein is for YOU! Look at this color?! How could a color like that NOT make you super bronzed and tan-looking?? All you need is a TINY hint of color and this bikini and you are SET! Retails for only $6.25.

17. SHEIN Camo Print High-Waisted Bikini Swimsuit

This bikini is for all you camo-loving gals out there! This swimsuit is ADORABLE and is sure to turn heads as you walk by in it! I love sporty-looking swimsuits, don’t you? And, it is NEW at Shein! Retails for only $10.49.

Shein legit is our favorite online shop! I really can’t say enough good things about Shein and their swimsuits! I mean, they are affordable and they are SO cute! Plus, they have a HUGE selection! How can you go wrong?!?

Shein Point Rewards! (And How To Get ‘Em)

Don’t forget!! Every time you leave a shein swimsuit review OR any other review on their site, after you buy something, you get points!

Since my daughter and I shop SO much on Shein, it is so nice to have those points when we check out because we get discounts! Lots of discounts and so can you!

You can use the points to deduct up to 70% of the total price of your order! There are also a few other ways to get those points, see below!

*Confirm your registration: You will receive 100 points for verifying your email on your profile page

*Buy and Save: You will earn 1 point for every US Dollar spent on an eligible purchase

*Review the products you buy: Points can be earned by posting reviews on your purchased items. After meeting the minimum text requirement, you will receive 5 points.

If your review includes a photograph, you will receive 10 points. If your review includes size information, you will receive an additional 2 points!

*Participate in activities: You can earn points by participating in certain site activities. Scan the QR code to open the APP (found HERE), or search SHEIN on the APP store or Google Play to participate in the activities!

*Tune into SHEIN Live: Points will be given out randomly during the streaming event on social media

*Participate in daily marketing activities: Participate in the points-related activities held by SHEIN within the specified time limit, and receive the corresponding points rewards according to the activity rules published for those activities. (This might include marketing text messages)

*Participate in contests: You may also earn points for participating in SHEIN contests

*Special offer! Browse for 30 seconds to score ten bonus points!

Discounts Galore At Shein!

If you have never bought from Shein before, then they are offering NEW users/shoppers FREE Shipping on ALL orders!! And 15% off on your order! What a HUGE deal because Shein is already super inexpensive!

*Extra 15% off on new orders of $9.90+ Coupon Code: NEWFOR15  (The first return is on Shein!)

Here is a super cute video of a vlogger trying on HER most favorite Shein swimsuits! I wanted to share this with you all. She is adorable too!

Do you like any of the bikinis I listed above? Which Best Shein Swimsuits are your favorite? Tell me in the comments below!



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